Advent Energy Ltd is an unlisted, public oil and gas exploration company based in Perth, Western Australia. Advent was formed in 2004 and has assembled an attractive portfolio of assets both on and offshore Australia that have had an estimated $88 million spent on historic exploration. All permits are located next to a ready market and/or excellent infrastructure, thereby maximising Advent’s ability to optimise any resources.

Included in the portfolio is Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP11) in the offshore Sydney Basin. This permit has been assessed to contain several multi-Tcf targets adjacent to the major population regions of Sydney and Newcastle and has excellent port and power infrastructure.

Retention Licence 1 (RL1), comprising the Weaber Gas Field, which straddles the border between the Northern Territory and Western Australia in the Onshore Bonaparte Basin, has near term development opportunities of conventional resources for local markets which complements the unconventional gas resources recently revealed.

Advent’s management and board members hold over 75 years combined oil industry experience.

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