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ASX 081216 Advent Appoints Leading Consultant.pdf
MMR Preliminary Final Report.pdf
ASX MMR PEP11 OBS 19May2016.pdf
ASX MMR PEP11 Geochemistry Review May2016.pdf
MEC Resources Seismic Vessel Final.pdf
ASX MMR PEP11 Exploration 24032016.pdf
ASX MMR Advent – Northern Minerals LOI 21 March 2016.pdf
ASX MMR PEP11 Update .pdf
MEC Resources 2015 Annual Report.pdf
MEC Resources 2014 AR FINAL.pdf
ASX MMR PEP11 Seismic Survey.pdf
MEC Resources Half Yearly Accounts.pdf
MEC Ltd ASX release Presentation London nov 2013 MRQ investor evening.pdf
Annual Report 2013 MEC Resources.pdf
ASX Announcement re Fugro Settlement Final.pdf
ASX MMR Advent – WARL LOI 8 July 2013.pdf
BRR broadcast 180613.pdf
Advent Energy Bonaparte Assets Update.pdf
EP386 and RL1 Survey Completion.pdf
MEC Financial Statements – 2012 Final.pdf
ASX MMR Advent WC-1 Production Testing Results.pdf
ASX MMR Advent WC-1 Production Testing.pdf
Notice of AGM MMR.pdf
BRR broadcast 111012.pdf
BRR broadcast 240912.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EP386 WC-1 Flare Testing.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EP386 WC-1 production testingcommencement.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EP386 WC-1 production testing.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EP386 Conventional Resources Increase.pdf
Appendix 4E MEC 2012Final.pdf
ASX MMR Advent-Beach Agreement.pdf
ASX MMR Asset PEP11 Renewal _2_.pdf
ASX MMR 51st Oilbarrel Conference.pdf
ASX MMR EP386 Permit Suspension Extension.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Waggon Creek-1 Gas Flows 7-11-2011.pdf
ASX MMR Microcap Conference Presentation 18 Oct 2011.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Vienta-1 Gas Flows 18-10-2011.pdf
ASX MMR Beach Farmin Adjacent to Advents EP386 and RL1 14-10-2011_v2.pdf
ASX_MMR_TDC Rig Arrives.pdf
ASX_MMR_Shale gas September 2011.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EP386 Production Testing 09-09-2011_final.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Ord River 06-07-2011.pdf
ASX MMR Advent RL1 Resource Audit 24-06-2011.pdf
ASX MMR Advent PESA Presentation.pdf
ASX MMR Mining Matters Segment 100511.pdf
BRR broadcast 110411.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EP386 Renewal 01-04-2011 _2_ 3.pdf
Advent PEP 11 Permit Variation.pdf
ASX MMR Advent update 10-02-2011.pdf
ASX MMR Advent New Seaclem-1 and PEP11 Update 030111.pdf
ASX MMR Advent New Seaclem-1 Progress Report No5 291210.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Ind Exp Report 201210.pdf
Offshore Sydney Basin Outgassing.pdf
ASX MMR Advent New Seaclem-1 Progress Report No3 151210.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Capital Raising 141210.pdf
ASX MMR Advent New Seaclem-1 Progress Report No2 131210.pdf
ASX MMR Advent New Seaclem-1 EPBC Act Approval 101210 _2_.pdf
ASX MMR Advent New Seaclem-1 Progress Report No1 091210.pdf
Announcement of Drilling Date.pdf
ASX MMR Boardroom Radio 231110.pdf
ASX Independent report finds gas highly likely.pdf
ASX MMR AdventUpdate v1 CLEAN _2_.pdf2010 Annual Report –
MEC Resources AR2010 WEB.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Drill Rig update 310810.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Drill Rig update.pdf
ASX MMR Advent PEP11 New Seaclem-1 Drilling 270810.pdf
ASX MMR Boardroom Radio 110810.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Energy PEP11 Videos.pdf
ASX MMR Microcap Conference Presentation 030810.pdf
ASX MMR Presentation additional info-Gorgon Outgassing 030810.pdf
ASX MMR Rig Update 260710.pdf
ASX MMR Advent PEP11Site Survey Report 190710.pdf
ASX MMR Advent PEP11 Increase in Prospective Resource Estimates.pdf
MEC Resources – funding BHA.pdf
ASX MMR Advent PEP11 Seismic Reprocessing & Site Survey 200510.pdf
ASX MMR Advent CSIRO Abstract 120510.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Media Correction 050510.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Contracts Drilling Rig 19.04.10.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Offshore Australasia Conference Presentation 140410.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Funding 060410.pdf
ASX MMR Site Survey update.pdf
ASX MMR Advent APPEX Presentation 020310.pdf
ASX MMR PEP 11 Operational Update 26.2.pdf
MEC Financial Statements – FINALt _2_.pdf
Appointment of D Ambrosini.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Seismic Reprocessing.pdf
Advent BPH Investment Option 050110.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Seismic Reprocessing 161209.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Energy Seismic Report 091209.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Seismic Reprocessing 191109.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Airborne Geophysical Survey 181109.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EP Site Survey Approval 041109.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Asia O&G Presentation 041109.pdf
ASX MMR Advent EPBC Act Site Survey Approval 211009.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Eco Investor Presentation 211009.pdf
MEC Resources AR09 WEB.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Receives DHI Report from CSIRO for PEP11 230909 _3_1PK.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Environ Media Corrections 230909.pdf
EPBC Act Referrals.pdf
BPH Advent Option.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Upgrades EP386 RL1 Commercial Potential 070909 _3_.pdf
Appendix 4E MEC 2009FINALincac.pdf
ASX MMR Advent 20-20 Investor Series- Energy Presentation 210809.pdf
SSPP announcement August 2009 doc.pdf
Advent Engage Pareto AV.pdf
ASX Advent Excellence Presentation
ASX MMR Advent New Stratigraphic Plays 110809.pdf
ASX MMR Advent Excellence in O&G Presentation 070409.pdfASX MMR Significant Gas Features 230309.pdfAPPEX Presentation.pdfMEC Resources Half Yearly Report.pdfConfirmation Hydrocarbon gas in Offshore Sydney Basin 12.11.08.pdf

Advent Energy Ltd – $7 Million Funding Agreement Secured Final BK.pdf
Annual Report MMR final 27.08.08.pdfASX MMR Prospective Recoverable Gas Resources Estimated up to 16.pdfLocation of Gas Seeps NSW Continental Shelf – Offshore Sydney Basin 250908.pdf     PESA Farmout Presentation PEP 11 140908.pdfASX MMR Geophysical indications of Gas in Offshore Sydney Basin 140908.pdfASX MMR Evaluation of geosequestration potential in offshore Sydney Basin 140908.pdfASX MMR New Large Structures Mapped in PEP11 Offshore Sydney Basin Gas Project 080808.pdfPEP 11 License Suspended and Extended 040608.pdfCarnarvon Basin report 230408.pdf
PEP 11 Reference Santos Ampolex Studies 191107.pdf
Notice of Intention to renew Retention Licence RL1 160707.pdf
MEC signs MOU with Chinese Oil and Gas Company CNLC 081007.pdf
MEC IPO Advent Energy Ltd gains access to key Cooper Basin Oil & Gas Projects 070807.pdf
Offshore Sydney Basin, PEP-11, New South Wales 030807.pdf
Progress Report for MEC Resources Investee Advent Energy 180707.pdf
Notice of Intention to renew Retention Licence RL1 160707.pdf
MEC Invests $1.25m into Central Petroleum 060707.pdf