Advent Energy

Advent Energy was formed in 2004 and is an unlisted oil and gas exploration and production company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Advent has assembled an attractive portfolio of assets both on and offshore Australia that have had an estimated $88 million spent on historic exploration. All permits are located next to a ready market and/or excellent infrastructure, thereby maximising Advent’s ability to optimise any resources.

Included in the portfolio is:

  • Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 in the offshore Sydney Basin. This permit has been assessed to contain several multi-Tcf targets adjacent to the major population region of Sydney and excellent port and power infrastructure.
  • Retention Licence 1 (comprising the Weaber Gas Field), and Exploration Permit 386, in the Onshore Bonaparte Basin. Near term development opportunities of conventional resources for local markets complements the vast unconventional shale gas resources recently revealed. Advent’s management and board members hold over 75 years combined oil industry experience. Available to assist them is an exceptional advisory panel with international oil industry experience.

Advent has a strong board with exceptional experience.

The board of Advent now comprises Mr Goh Hock (Chairman), Ms Deborah Ambrosini (Executive Director, Company Secretary and CFO),  and Ms Diana Hoff (Non-Executive Director).

  • Mr Goh Hock – Chairman: Former President of Schlumberger Asia and then a Global Divisional President of Schlumberger during a 25 year career in the oil and gas industry spanning more than ten countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
  • Ms Deborah Ambrosini: Company Secretary & Executive Director.  Deborah is a corporate accountant with over 10 years experience in accounting and business development spanning the biotechnology, mining, IT communications and financial services sectors. She has extensive experience in financial and business planning, compliance and taxation. Deborah is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and also holds the position of Company Secretary and Executive Director for MEC Resources Ltd.
  • Ms Diana Hoff:  Director.  Ms Hoff is a petroleum engineer with 30 years of international and Australian upstream oil and gas experience in technical and executive roles from drilling foreman to engineer, manager, general manager, vice president and CEO.
  • Mr Steven Kelemen:  Director.  Mr Kelemen is an engineer with over 30 years of oil and gas experience in a variety of technical and leadership roles.  He is currently a Member of Core Energy Group Advisory Council, the Deputy Chair (Petroleum) for the Queensland Exploration Council, and Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Coal Seam Gas at the University of Queensland.  Mr Kelemen’s career commenced with Santos Ltd in 1982, and since that time has performed significant technical and leadership roles including the Chief Reservoir Engineer, the Manager of Operations for the Queensland and Northern Territory Business Unit, the Manager of Northern, and Manager of Unconventional Resources Growth.  He has been directly responsible for increasing petroleum reserves, leading and managing significant investments, management of joint venture operations, and leading discussions with investors, bankers and farminees on his employers’ reserves.