About MEC Resources

MEC Resources Ltd is registered by the Australian Federal Government as a Pooled Development Fund enabling shareholders to receive tax free capital gains on their shares and tax free dividends.

MEC’s investment capital is targeted for new and emerging companies in which investments have the potential to yield significant returns.

MEC aims to achieve maximum capital appreciation by early stage investing in various industries including but not limited to small and medium-sized energy and minerals exploration companies with strong growth potential and a well-defined exit strategy, such as an initial public offering or acquisition.

Our Strategy

MEC Resources has been formed to invest into a variety of industries including companies that are targeting potentially large energy and mineral resources.

MEC provides carefully selected companies with development and exploration funding that display certain characteristics that includes:

  • Near to medium term revenue opportunities
  • Large targets
  • A stage of development that permits a strategic investor or IPO within a few years
  • Strong and experienced management team
  • A definitive competitive advantage.