Advent Energy

Advent Energy was formed in 2004 and is an unlisted oil and gas exploration and production company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Advent has assembled an attractive portfolio of assets both on and offshore Australia that have had an estimated $88 million spent on historic exploration. All permits are located next to a ready market and/or excellent infrastructure, thereby maximising Advent’s ability to optimise any resources.

Included in the portfolio is:

  • Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 in the offshore Sydney Basin. This permit has been assessed to contain several multi-Tcf targets adjacent to the major population region of Sydney and excellent port and power infrastructure.
  • Retention Licence 1 (comprising the Weaber Gas Field), and Exploration Permit 386, in the Onshore Bonaparte Basin. Near term development opportunities of conventional resources for local markets complements the vast unconventional shale gas resources recently revealed. Advent’s management and board members hold over 75 years combined oil industry experience. Available to assist them is an exceptional advisory panel with international oil industry experience.

Advent has a strong board with exceptional experience.

The board of Advent now comprises Mr David Breeze (Executive Director), Mr Stephen Kelemen (Non-Executive Director), Mr Tony Huston (Non-Executive Director), Mr Thomas Fontaine (Non-Executive Director) and Mr Steve James (Non-Executive Director).

Mr David Breeze
Executive Director (appointed 2005)
David Breeze is a Corporate Finance Specialist with extensive experience in the stock broking industry and capital markets. He has been a corporate consultant to Daiwa Securities; and held executive and director positions in the stock broking industry. David has a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters of Business Administration, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors of Australia. He has published in the Journal of Securities Institute of Australia and has also acted as an Independent Expert under the Corporations Act. He has worked on the structuring, capital raising and public listing of over 70 companies involving in excess of $250M. These capital raisings covered a diverse range of areas including oil and gas, gold, food, manufacturing and technology. In the past three years David has also held the following listed company directorships:
Grandbridge Limited (from December 1999 to present)
BPH Energy Limited (from February 2001 to present)
MEC Resources Limited (from April 2005)
* *David Breeze was a Director of MEC Resources Limited (“MEC”) from April 2005 and was removed from the ASIC register by MEC directors on 23 November 2016. He has neither resigned nor been removed by shareholders and disputes the actions taken by the Directors of MEC.
David is also a director of Cortical Dynamics Limited, Molecular Discovery Systems Limited, Diagnostic Array Systems Limited, and Advent subsidiaries Asset Energy Pty Limited and Offshore Energy Pty Limited.

Mr Stephen Kelemen
Non-Executive Director (appointed 8 February 2018)
Stephen Kelemen has 40 years of experience in the upstream petroleum industry, primarily with Santos Ltd where he had leading roles involving exploration, development, field operations, reservoir engineering, drilling, geology, and mergers & acquisitions across conventional and unconventional assets.
He oversaw Santos’ investment in Bayu-Undan & DLNG, and was responsible for the company’s entry into CSG and the concept of CSG to LNG. He has evaluated many of the Australian basins for the potential to deliver reserves. Stephen is a Non-Executive Director for Galilee Energy, Elixir Energy as well as Advent Energy. He is also Adjunct Professor – Centre for CSG at University of Queensland, Deputy Chair Petroleum – Queensland Exploration Council, and on the Technical Advisory Council for Core Energy & Resources. Stephen has a BE from University of Adelaide.

Mr Tony Huston
Non-Executive Director (appointed 6 August 2019)
Tony Huston has been involved for over 35 years in engineering and hydrocarbon industries for both on and off shore exploration/development. Early career experience commenced with Fitzroy Engineering Ltd, primarily working on development of onshore oil fields. In 1996 Tony formed his own E&P Company on re-entry of onshore wells, primarily targeting shallow pay that had been passed or ignored from previous operations. This was successful and the two plays opened up 15 years ago are still in operation. Recent focus (10 years) has been to utilise new technology for enhanced resource recovery and has been demonstrated in various fields, including US, Mexico, Oman, Italy and Turkmenistan.
During the last 3 years Tony has not held any other listed company directorships.

Mr Thomas Fontaine
Non-Executive Director (appointed 6 August 2019)
Tom Fontaine is a reservoir engineer with over 25 years of experience in project evaluation management, development and capital raising. Tom has been part owner of petroleum engineering companies Epic Consulting in Canada and Focal Petroleum in Australia and has provided technical services to many companies worldwide. He is also primarily responsible for the startup and subsequent listing on ASX of Bounty Oil & Gas NL in 2002, and Coal Bed Methane Company Pure Energy Resources Pty Ltd in 2006 which was acquired in 2009 by BG Group Plc in a $1 billion takeover. Tom is also currently involved with several small exploration companies in Canada, Russia, Cuba, Nepal, Timor Leste and Africa. During the last 3 years Tom has held the following listed company directorships.
Magnum Gas and Power Limited (from August 2010 to December 2016)

Mr Steve James
Non-Executive Director
Steve has over 30 years experience in the financial services industry having worked for Australia’s largest banks as well as European and American institutions. Steve has a through knowledge across FX trading, Financial Planning, Capital Raising and Stockbroking where he was a key figure in developing Australia’s largest wholesale broking business. Steve is a highly experienced Company Director across both listed and unlisted entities in diverse operations from Sporting bodies, Financial Services organisations and the Property Industry. Steve holds a Masters Degree in Financial Services Law, A Master Stockbroker Qualification a Diploma of Financial Markets and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.