MEC will provide carefully selected companies in the energy and mineral exploration sectors with development and exploration funding. The early stage of a junior exploration company potentially offers the most exciting growth opportunities in the energy and minerals sectors.

MEC intends to identify investment opportunities with a number of specific characteristics including: large targets; a stage of development that permits a strategic investor or IPO within several years; strong and experienced management team and a definitive competitive advantage.

Investments with the potential for prolific returns are always associated with risk. However our multi-resources, diversified portfolio strategy is designed to protect the portfolio against large fluctuations in the value of any single resources investment. This will also enable MEC to pursue the expansion, development, IPO or sale of each particular investee company in response to changing market demands at any time.

MEC will favour investments into exploration companies targeting potentially large energy and mineral resources. Sectors with limited supply and strong demand such as Oil and Gas, Uranium and Gold will be the initial focus.

MEC will seek to ‘exit’ investments by successfully attracting public or corporate buyers for some or all of the company’s shares. Through an exit, MEC may realise returns while the investee company receives an infusion of capital and/or a new strategic direction from a corporate partner.